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At centre:mk, we want every single one of our guests to feel welcome and have an enjoyable, comfortable visit which is why we are committed to our ‘open to all’ policy both for guests and our staff. Making sure everyone at centre:mk can be their true selves, regardless of race, gender, or religion.

We have a diverse team of staff, employing more than 4,500 people throughout the centre, across a wide range of employment opportunities, serving our local community and beyond. We support a “Works for Us” scheme, in conjunction with Citizens Advice, guiding adults back to full time employment and work with Milton Keynes Council and local colleges to showcase courses and employment opportunities at the centre.

What’s more, the bi-annual Job Show hosted in Middleton Hall attracts over a quarter of a million people, showcasing roles across the region from many of the top employers including centre:mk. 

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MK Job Show

For our guest’s comfort, we have a range of award-winning facilities with specifically designed areas and equipment including those for parents and children, people with disabilities and guests with additional needs. A full detailed list of our inclusive facilities can be found here.

We are also committed to supporting the 200+ Independent businesses we have throughout the centre annually, including at our events, pop-up shops on the mall and in Queens Court at the Street Food Market. We also work closely with small business mentors ‘Love Local’ to help budding entrepreneurs build their retail brands at a prime retail spot within the centre.

2024 will be our 3rd year of sponsoring the MK Pride festival in Milton Keynes. We’re also going further to support Diversity and Inclusion with our hosting of important community events such as Soapbox Science (supporting Women in STEM), Black History Month Exhibition, MK International Festival, our award-winning busking programme, (supporting the Arts) as well as taking part in Purple Tuesday every year (Disability Awareness Day highlighting experience based barriers in the retail environment).

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MK Pride Festival 2023