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As one of the first ‘mega-malls’ of its kind in the UK, centre:mk has been given a unique Grade II listing status, which means that we have a duty to retain certain architectural features. This can sometimes present a challenge, especially when we set ourselves targets such as reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2035!

Some of things we’re doing to actively achieve that goal include; creating a carbon neutral environment, reducing the natural resources we use, and planting for our environment to name just a few. Read on below for a deep dive into our incredible projects…

Carbon Neutral Environment

centre:mk is famous for having everything under one roof, so the 100,000m2 roof is a good place to start.

  • Since 2015, we have created the first carbon neutralising shopping centre roof in the UK.
  • Our roof covers the equivalent of 17 football fields.
  • Every 1m2 of roof can convert 1.75kg of CO2 per year, saving the equivalent of almost 440,000 miles worth of greenhouse gas emissions from your average family car.


  • Rainfall and CO2 reacts with the surface of the Olivine (the particles on our centre roof) which turn the CO2 into a combination of water, sand and magnesium carbonate, all of which are 100% neutral in their effect on the environment.
  • In less than a year we convert enough carbon to power enough kettles to make 2 million cups of tea!
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Reducing the Natural Resources we use

Reducing the electricity and gas used at centre:mk is an ongoing project. By switching off our lights 3 hours earlier each day and replacing 600 bulbs with LEDs, we’ve saved enough energy to charge 11.7m mobile phones without any additional CO2 emissions

The greenhouse gas emissions that we’ve saved are equivalent to 110 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, or:

  • 87.7 cars driven for a year
  • 1,013,656 miles driven by an average car
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Planting for the Environment

The planters throughout the centre not only provide a pleasant space for everyone to enjoy, they also help to absorb CO2 too. We have 860m2 of planting throughout the centre and 1200m2 within our external areas helping to reduce fatigue, sore throats, colds and coughs by as much as 30%.

Behind the scenes we are at home with nature too. Our rooftop wild garden is a natural habitat with bee boxes, flowers, and vegetation to provide a home for insects, bees and birds to thrive.

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