Spring/Summer 2024

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Home to a World of Style!

This spring/summer we’re celebrating the very essence of fashion. Embrace the bold and vibrant hues of a Bauhaus palette, re-write anew and indulge in the nostalgia of the 90s redux with slingback heels and mini shoulder bags. Crisp whites radiate purity and elegance, while metallics add a touch of futuristic glamour. Menswear gets a sophisticated twist with the timeless appeal of tweed. This season is all about self-reinvention and self-expression, where every garment tells a story of individuality and style.

SS24 Trending Looks

Bauhaus Brights

This season, spring brights are inspired by the legendary Bauhaus art movement in all its unapologetic, bold glory. Turning yourself into a striking work of art is as simple as choosing your favourite primary colour and daring to wear it head to toe.

White Out

There will always be room for big, loud, fun and frivolity in fashion, but when you really need a hit of elegance, nothing is more powerful than wearing white.

Dress it Down

Nothing is as stylish as quiet confidence and this season’s staples are delivering on that score. Witness the cool cut of mens elegant chinos that can take you from the office to the pub with one swap of a shirt and/or jacket. In ladieswear, it’s all about over-sized tailoring, simple tank tops and fluid, low-slung trousers.

Statement Shimmer

Metallics are an essential in any wardrobe. Forever the short-cut to stand-out style – for any time of day or night.

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