Celebrating 40 Years

Celebrating 40 Years: The Next 40 Years!

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The Next 40 Years!

At our 40th anniversary on 25th September, we celebrated the last 40 years of centre:mk and how the centre has progressed and evolved since the opening.

So, what’s next? How will the shoppers of the future still be tempted to come here and how will centre:mk match the future ambitions of Milton Keynes, one of the fastest growing cities within the UK?


Staying relevant to shoppers has been the key to success throughout the past 4 decades and re-inventing centre:mk to match our diverse range of guests’ needs. Looking to the future, shoppers are looking for a memorable experience with every step they take into the store, making every shopping trip exciting and fun. Today, the whole shopping trip is about enjoying a day out, experiencing something new, meeting friends and socialising.

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centre:mk has always been a pioneer of new technology. Hosting events such as the ‘SciRoc Robot Challenge’, showcasing the future of artificial intelligence and how robots will be used to complete day to day jobs in the retail space. As well as hosting the launch of ‘The future of Creative Urban Living’ bringing together the worlds of art, architecture, and high-tech within the urban context of Milton Keynes. The festival theme: ‘Built, Unbuilt and Unbuildable’.


centre:mk has exciting plans to expand in the future to bring even more retail and leisure to the city centre, making the city even more vibrant for the growing population, including a new student population that will arrive with the brand new university MK:U. Set to open in Milton Keynes in 2023, it will provide a curriculum focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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We are so proud to celebrate our 40th anniversary and are very excited for the next 40!