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Up-Cycling with The Flower Mill

With extra time on our hands, so many of us are having a clear out or even looking for up-cycling projects to do. So why not combine the two and make yourself a beautiful windowsill, or coffee table planter. This cute little design is ideal for season flowers, edible herbs or even a little Cacti/ Succulent design.


While clearing out the garden shed I found this old wine box and its perfect for the job, but any wooden or metal water tight container, will work. Other items that will work as a container are old washed out tins, a small wooden draw, wooden tea caddy or a loaf tin. For a bigger design why not try an upright bread bin, retro cake tin or even a biscuit tin.

Step by Step

  1. Clean down the container (if required). I always like to line the containers to be extra sure of no water leakage. Use cellophane or a plastic bag to line the bottom of the container.
  2. Lay 2/3 inches of multi-purpose compost in the base of your chosen container, map out your chosen plants and decide on their placements. For this design I have chosen three small petunia plants, and some trailing variegated ivy.
  3. Remove your chosen plants from their plastic containers, and gently tease the compact roots to loosen the soil. Place each plant in to their chosen position.
  4. Once all your plants are in place, top up with more compost leaving half an inch of space from the top of the container.
  5. Top with any decorative stones and water to help the plants bed in.



If you choose to create this design with edible herbs, this will sit perfectly in your kitchen. Succulents or Cacti designs will love a conservatory or garden room. Generally all other plants love partial sunlight throughout the day.

Brighten up your home during lock down, as well as making use of something old that might of other wiser gone to waste!