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The sun is back and shining this week, so Kirsty from the Flower Mill has brought you her top tips for weeding and gardening this summertime.  


For many weeding is the job we dislike the most, however some of us find it to be therapeutic, yet it’s still the biggest task in all our gardens to maintain a beautifully kept garden environment. Weeding can often feel like a never ending task as no matter how much we pick, spray and maintain, those pesky weeds always seem to pop back up!

There are many areas weeds can effect in your garden space so here are my tips for keeping them at bay!


Lawn weeds

This might not be the most obvious place for weeds, but if you are aiming for a perfectly green grass area these are the weeds to look out for. The most common can be Moss, Clover, Daisy and Dandelions. For smaller lawn areas these imperfections can be simply dug out with a small hoe or spade, remember to cover the ground with grass soil seed as well to help keep these away. There are also many moss killing agents on the market that will do the trick. Feeding your lawn will also help combat weeds, so purchasing a fertilizer for your grass would be my top recommendation.  


Garden Weeds

Potted plant weeds are common but easily tackled by pulling out and uprooting them. Followed by toping up the pots with fresh soil or compost. A top tip I would recommend would be to use decorative stones and bark, as these both can assist in preventing the return of the weeds (and it makes the pots looks nice!)


Weeds in vegetable patches are also best pulled up by hand to ensure the roots are removed and to avoid damaging any crops. Weed prevention is better in these areas, so why not try a weed control fleece or mulch for extra protection.


Pathway or Paved areas are best tackled with a weed spray and then you can hoe out the joints where weeds may gather.


Summer Blooms

As the summer weather is warming up and your bedding plants are over flowing their baskets, now is the time to keep on top of dead heading your plants. This encourages a second lasting bloom. July is also perennial planting time, ideal for the later summer blooms such as Dianthus, Hostas, Lavender, Sedum and ornamental grasses. Perennials bring colour and texture to your garden and are long lasting plants some are evergreen.


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