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RESTAURANTS Dine in till late all week long

Self-Gifting Hits New Highs This Christmas

Almost a third of respondents feel that Christmas is more important to them than ever this year according to our recent survey. Many will be putting more thought into the presents they buy, with a fifth looking to spend more time choosing personal gifts. A further 30% of those asked are feeling more ‘emotional’ about the festive season - with just under 6 weeks to go until Christmas, shoppers are looking forward to spending time with their family and friends again. People are also planning to put their decorations up earlier than normal and will buy more ‘lavish’ food in order to make Christmas 2020 extra special. This Christmas, almost a quarter of adults plan to buy a present for themselves, many feel they simply deserve a treat this year and 29% are not expecting many gifts from others after an extraordinary year.


The poll of 2,000 Brits found that 12% of adults are planning to splash out on their own games console during the festive season, whilst 15% are going to treat themselves to some new clothes to boost their mood. Others are going to buy themselves make-up, a laptop and a mobile phone. 22% would rather buy something for themselves than ask others to buy it as a gift.


Call of Duty Xbox Series X Game at Game, £64.99.  Huda Beauty Palette, £58.  Apple Mac Book Air 2020, £999.

Following a stressful 2020, 14% plan to buy more wellbeing gifts this year. The most popular gifts on people’s shopping lists included perfume or aftershave, candles and skincare, with festive favourite’s chocolates, alcohol and books topping the list.



Aftershave at Perfume Shop, £52.  Winter Candle at The White Company, £20.

Kiehl's Skincare Giftset, £89. M&S Food Hamper, £50. 


More than half of those polled have already started their shopping and 26% started earlier than they usually would. An organised 16% hope to finish their gift buying as early as four weeks before the big day – November 27th – while 21% realistically plan to complete it with just one week to spare – December 18th.


Check out the top 50 gifts people plan to buy below for some gifting inspiration!

Top 50 gifts people plan to buy themselves:

  1. Clothes                                                                         26. Vinyl records/CDs
  2. Perfume/aftershave                                                   27. Children's toys
  3. Mobile phone                                                              28. Underwear
  4. Games console                                                           29. Jigsaw Puzzle
  5. Laptop                                                                          30. Toiletries e.g shower gel
  6. Chocolates                                                                  31. Headphones
  7. Books                                                                            32. Exercise Gear e.g weights
  8. Trainers                                                                         33. A TV
  9. Makeup                                                                         34.Video Games
  10. Alcohol                                                                          35.Cufflinks
  11. Handbag                                                                       36.A bracelet
  12. A kindle                                                                         37. Socks
  13. Skin care e.g. cleanser                                               38.Kitchen Appliances e.g coffee machine
  14. Candles                                                                         39. Crafts e.g make your own macramé kit
  15. A watch                                                                         40. Smart Shoes e.g heels
  16. Tablet                                                                             41. A ring
  17. A holiday                                                                       42. Hair Straighteners
  18. Pyjamas                                                                         43. Gift Vouchers
  19. A photo-frame                                                            44. Camera
  20. House plants                                                                45. Boxsets
  21. Earrings                                                                         46. An engagement ring
  22. Slippers                                                                         47. Gaming Chair
  23. An experience voucher                                            48. Purse/Wallet
  24. Winter accessories e.g. hat, gloves, scarf             49. Bath Bubbles/Bath Bombs
  25. A necklace                                                                   50.Furniture


The top 10 gifts people plan to buy others this Christmas:

  1. Chocolates
  2. Alcohol
  3. Books  
  4. Clothes
  5. Toiletries e.g. shower gel
  6. Perfume/aftershave
  7. Gift vouchers
  8. Children's toys
  9. Pyjamas
  10. Candles