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Top Tips for National Gardening Week!

Its National Gardening Week!

With so many of us spending more time in our gardens with the glorious weather, Kirsty from The Flower Mill is sharing some of her top gardening tips.


  • Let’s start with the beautiful English rose. Right now is the prime time for planting established rose plants, and they thrive off well fuelled soil. My top tip would be to add a banana skin to the planting hole, as this will decompose and release magnesium and other nutrients into the soil, and boost the growth and health of the rose plant!


  • Wanting to attract more wildlife into your garden? Brightly coloured and scented blooms will attract butterflies and bees. Lupins, Roses, Peony, Lavender and Aster are all brilliant at enticing the wildlife to visit your garden.


  • Let’s not forget our feathered friends! Attracting birds into your gardens is simple, provide them with feed and a bath, and enjoy being at one with nature. Watch them swoop in for seeds or fat balls, and flutter in the shallow pool to clean their feathers.  Watching birds in the garden can be very relaxing and help you feel connected with nature. Top Tip: Birds usually visit gardens for feed in the mornings, so grab a cuppa and enjoy.


  • If you don’t have a garden, don’t worry you can still enjoy planting your own flowers and seeing them grow. Grab a variation of pots or containers as many plants are happy living in pots, try Gladiolus or Sweet Peas. (They will both need support canes as they get taller) For something a little simpler, try Lavender or Rosemary. Pop the pots or containers on your patio or balcony area and watch them grow!


  • With the warmer weather, everything is needing a little more watering. It's best to water plants as the temperature starts to drop, so hold out until the evening where possible.


  • Raised beds are ideal for growing so many different things this time of year, especially for growing fruit and vegetables. Raised beds are brilliant for boosting soil drainage or increasing soil temperature. This is also a really easy way to introduce a different soil type to your garden space if you live in troublesome soil areas with sandy or chalky soil. Upcycle sleepers or old wood lying around, to create your very own raised bed space.