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RESTAURANTS Dine in till late all week long

SHOPS Monday-Friday: 9am – 9pm | Saturday 9am - 7pm | Sunday 11am - 5pm
RESTAURANTS Dine in till late all week long

Grateful for...Fashion

As Christmas fast approaches, (we have definitely noticed it getting very chilly now) we thought we would reflect on some of the things that make us happy in the cold dark months and once again, at the end of a year we will all be really happy to see the back of, what we are grateful for and we are so grateful for winter fashion.

Wrapping up in luxurious knitwear and heavy coats, it's something we look forward to every year and there is nothing like treating yourself to something new for your wardrobe to put a smile on your face. Here is our guide to the looks we are excited about this season.



Bold, bright and beautiful. Red is the colour to be seen in this winter, but not just as a highlight, not a little dash, just head to toe pure colour. Carry it off by introducing layers and textures. It’s a look that will make you feel fabulous and look amazing too. A proper head turner.​

Womenswear: Full Look, Hobbs.



Check it out! No, seriously, checks are back with a vengeance. A winter staple that always looks smart can be playfully mixed this season with even more checks! Take a big bold check and pair with a small one to carry off this look. Don’t be afraid to clash with the colours either, it makes the look just a bit more modern and says that you’re not afraid to be bold.

Womenswear Look: Hat, Primark. Coat and Dress, Hobbs. Jumper, River Island. Earrings, Oliver Bonas.




How long have we waited for head to toe black to be back in fashion? For those of us whose love affair with the good old staple “black everything” has never gone away, this fashion trend is very much something to be grateful for! This season you have to look for fabrics and textures to add some interest. Leather is a big part of this trend, as well as accessories and embellishment, so make the most of it, black is actually the new black!

Womenswear: Dress, Oliver Bonas. Knit Collar, Primark. Jacket, Next.




Who said romance is dead? Well this season, it’s very much alive and we are in love with this trend. Gauze, floaty and iridescent fabrics with voluminous sleeves are everywhere. Dainty floral embellishment, frills and fur abound. Colours are also straight out of a fairy tale, with pastel pinks and blues, it echoes back to the new romantic era of the 80’s, just without Duran Duran.​

Menswear: Shirt, Hawes & Curtis. Polo Jacket, River Island. Suit Jacket, Next.



Right Side Images

Black Womenswear: Full Look, River Island. Jewelled Halter and Leather Harness, Primark.

Romantic Womenswear: Full look, River Island.

Check Menswear Look: Top, River Island. Jacket and Shirt, John Lewis & Partners.

Check Womenswear Look: Coat and Waitcoat, Primark. Jumper, Jigsaw. Skirt, Next.

Red Womenswear: Full Look, Kin at John Lewis and Partners.

Black Menswear: Shirt, Tie and Trousers, Moss Bros. Leather Jacket, River Island. Suit Jacket, Next.

Romantic Womenswear: Shirt, Hawes & Curtis. Blouse, River Island.