Summer Style – Fashion Picks From centre:mk

I'm literally SO excited! We are looking to book our summer holiday (ok I know we are late to the party but that's how we roll!) and the shops are chocca block with florals, sorbet shades and strappy ensembles - woo!

It feel like it's been a long time coming, this weather, but it's finally time to embrace the race for the top picks from the high street before that pesky 'sold out' tag of doom goes up!

I can't stand my legs, they are not in great shape so first off I am loving the jumpsuits available on the high street as they tick the cover up, easy wear, not-much-care box, which is great when running after two kids providing endless summer entertainment!

Maybe a bit less cake, a bit more protein balls would help with my leg situation but hey, life is for living! Anyway, back to the jumpsuits and my utter fave is this one from Marks and Spencer which I have been featuring on my Instagram a fair bit. It's so low maintenance, such a great price and washes like a dream. Get it before it's gone!

Other options I'm loving are this frilly floral one from River Island

This Issa one from House of Fraser which I wore to do my presentation at the recent Stylefest with centre:mk works amazingly well for either summer or winter! So cost effective!

And going for bold with this gorgeous stripy number from Ted Baker!

Now on to tops. Thank goodness for them! The quickest way to update any outfit is to bang on a new top with a nod to the latest trends, so with that in mind, I went on a trolley dash round the centre:mk and came up with some utter winners.

A winner winner chicken dinner from River Island... 

Mint Velvet are having a right old moment and I NEED this one (below) in my life, available from John Lewis. 

For full on boho chic, I love these two options of peasant tops....

The grey one above is from, again Mint Velvet, and it's so lush! and the off white colour, long sleeve option is from And/Or at John Lewis

I hope this has all given you al fresco food for thought - check out my Insta for loads more as I'm hoovering up the garms at the mo!

Until next time my lovelies!

Ginger Mum Style xxx