5 reasons to brew your own iced tea this summer


Homemade iced tea is the new trend making its way into barbecues, picnics and beach parties throughout the UK this summer, and it’s a trend we’re absolutely on board with at centre:mk

 Here are just a few reasons from T2 Tea why you should be drinking homemade iced tea this summer…

It’s customisable

The beauty of brewing your own iced tea is that you can put in whatever you like – add in your favourite fruits and flavours to make a personalised iced tea that panders to your taste buds. Herbs can give your iced tea an extra something special, use lavender or mint for a refreshing summery flavour.

Brewing with loose-leaf teas opens up a huge range that can be mixed together and it’s a great way to spend a summer’s afternoon trying out different flavour combinations – experimenting is part of the fun!


It’s healthy – and great for kids!

Homemade iced teas usually contain much less sugar than fruit juices and making it yourself means that you’re completely in control of the sugar content and strength of the brew. T2 have plenty of caffeine-free, fruity tisanes such as Packs a Peach and Southern Sunrise that make great alternatives to juice for little ones.

Swapping sugar and syrups for natural fruits such as lemons and strawberries will make a healthy sweet treat suitable for both adults and kids alike.


It’s a great substitute for alcohol

Homemade iced tea makes a perfect mocktail. With more and more people opting for sobriety, it’s a great alternative beverage to serve at your summer parties. You can create your own mix to resemble a jug of pimms and it will be just as, if not more refreshing. T2 have brews that are perfect for creating cocktail-style iced teas such as Strawberries & Cream (virgin strawberry daiquiris anyone?) or Pineapple Basil Dazzle for a pina colada style mocktail. (However, nothing’s stopping you from adding some gin if you fancy...)


It’s photogenic

Homemade iced tea is not only delicious and refreshing, but it looks incredible too. Rack up the Instagram likes with snaps of your beautiful brew.


It’s better for the environment

If you’re an avid bottled iced tea drinker, trading bottled iced tea for homemade could make a huge difference on your plastic usage. T2’s Jug-a-lot is designed specifically for homemade iced tea making, use it again and again to avoid using throwaway plastics!


Want to learn how to make the perfect iced tea? Pop into the T2 Tea store in centre:mk – the team will be happy to give you a masterclass and show you how!