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SHOPS Monday-Friday: 9am – 8pm | Saturday 9am - 7pm | Sunday 11am - 5pm
RESTAURANTS Open until 10pm

How to Stay Positive!

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week, and we invited Rob Francis, owner of Energie Fitness MK, to talk to us about his top tips to stay positive, and improve your wellbeing on our Facebook page.


To make it easy, here are Rob’s top tips to improve your daily routine and feel more positive. What better way to start this week off, than with easy changes you can make to have a good day, every day!


Right now, we are all bombarded with lots of news, as the world continues to be engulfed by the coronavirus pandemic. There is so much uncertainty and reasons to be anxious that it leaves an invisible toll on our mind set and emotions. Developing a positive mind set is like building an armour for your mind, to protect you against the negative effects of stress and anxiety. It doesn’t mean that the stress and anxiety isn’t there anymore - but it gives you the skill set and mind set, to help manage these stresses.


Stress Reducing Top Tips:

  1. Remove or Reduce Stress Stimulus: Try to limit your exposure to news, negative social media pages and Tv. By limiting news to once a day- and only follow reputable sources like the BBC, or the daily government briefing to educate you on the latest news.
  2. Make sure you get enough Sleep: There is so much evidence that poor sleep is a key factor in increasing stress levels. My top tip is to ensure that you get up early every morning. If you create a routine of getting up at the same time each day, your body will fall naturally into the pattern.

Mood enhancers. Four simple things you can do to make you feel more positive:

  1. Appreciate what you have! At the beginning of each day take just five minutes to think of three things that you love about your life or three things that you really appreciate having. To help remind you - why not use your bathroom mirror and put a post-it note up with the number 3 on it. This will prompt you at the beginning of every day.
  2. Get some fresh air EVERY DAY! At least 20-30 minutes should be spent outside. Fresh air will make you feel energised and help to set your body clock.
  3. Take a moment to yourself! When we are at home it can sometimes be hard to find some quality time to ourselves. Find someone to sit and do something that makes you happy. Whether its read a book, watch a programme that makes you laugh, or just take the time to chill and think
  4. Get out of Bed and Achieve Little Wins! Set yourself some mini goals through the day. Starting with making your bed, getting dressed etc. These little successes or achievements set the tempo for the day. You feel a sense of accomplishment that you can celebrate.


What positive things can we do with our time?

  • Spend time with your family
  • Learn new skills
  • Set yourself a health and fitness goal
  • Stay connected and keep in touch with our loved ones


So, it’s ultimately all down to your mind-set. Let’s see the good things we have and take time to appreciate them. Take time to do productive positive things. Make little wins in the simple actions that we take each day. Reduce your exposure to the things that create stress and anxiety and stay connected with family and friends!